Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Best School In Ahmedabad

Managing Trustee & C.E.O. Attain the Garba Mahotsav (2010) of Amrut School is the best school in Ahmedabad

Smart class is transforming the way teachers teach and students learn in Amrut School Gujarat Best school in Ahmedabad.
High School Computer Lab - Other equipment includes crucibles with tongs, a variety of racks for test tubes and flasks, pestles and mortars, and stoppers of all kinds with and without holes for glass tubing.

Smart Class Education - Do not go in a panic mode when your classes are going out of control and heads aren't listening to you. These effective classroom management strategies would help you to regain control and deliver proper learning system:

Amrut School of Higher and Secondary school By care of Firdaus Memorial Charity and Education Trust.


  1. i am very glad to have your post here. Which is very awesome information and i want to say that its worth, thanks for sharing......

  2. I have the pleasure of knowing your school. I think you are well on the student s attention and provide them good education. Well done job.

  3. Amrut School is One of the Best School in Ahmedabad, and Also Doing Good Activities in school duration. i suggest all parents please make one visit, before your child admission other place