Monday, 25 November 2013

Top Schools Imparting the Best Education in Ahmadabad

Schools play an important role in building societies. These temples of learning not only help students, empower themselves by helping them become professionals, academicians etc, and earn a living, but also broaden one’s horizon, thinking, and attitude about the world around. Thus the role of top schools that impart best quality education in modern days is increasing every day.

As the role of schools is very important and increasing by the day, it is very important make sure right environment is provided to the students, where they can learn, explore and expand their interests freely. It becomes very important to choose the best schools that impart quality education, along with many other activities that help in overall personality development of young children.

Some Of The Features Of Top Schools, Imparting High Quality Education Are:
  • A safe, organized environment : It is very important to make sure that the school is located in an environment that is safe for your children, away from disturbances of any kind. Also, schools have to be neat, and organized as such an environment helps student’s health and learning.
  • Vision : schools need to have a vision for themselves and for the children. A school with vision and values inculcates good virtues, makes your children a responsible citizen, than just a professional.
  • Infrastructure: it is very important to make sure that your child attends a school that is very resourceful, and helps the overall personality development of your child. Well stacked library, Playground, computer lab etc are some of the factors to be considered before admitting your child at a school.
  • Staff : A school that employs highly qualified and able staff, teachers, who understand the behavioral tendencies of students and can deal with them, educate them accordingly is very important consideration before selecting school for your kid.
  • Communication : Communication plays an important role in everything that we do, it is important to make sure that school communicates well with parents and also encourages communication among students, teachers and parents.
  • Size of the class : Also important is to make sure that the school maintains the right composition of every class, in accepting, admitting students The number of students in the class, their level of understanding etc should be considered while making divisions in a class etc.
  • Network : A school that has good connections, network, and actively participates in various academic, charitable, scientific, and cultural and such other activities helps in shaping your child a socially responsible citizen.
Though there are many schools that provide education and help your children excel in academics, but it is equally important to send your child to top school that imparts quality education, develops his all round personality, makes him socially responsible by providing positive environment. Make a list of top ten schools and also of your requirements and then compare both the lists side by side and choose the one that meets most of your requirements.

Amrut schools is one of the top ten schools in Ahmadabad, has been providing quality education to the society for the past 45 years. The schools philosophy is centered on making children aware of their social responsibilities, thereby creating a better tomorrow for the future generation, apart from helping them become experts and professionals in their chosen areas.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

CBSE English Medium School Preparing Students For Life Challenges

Schools play an important role, as the city continues to grow at a rapid pace. Being the temples of learning and education they play a very important role in the shaping of any modern society, especially the ones that are growing and are developing, fast growing city like Ahmedabad.

Importance of schools and educational institutes:

Modern and growing cities need responsible citizens, who are well educated aware of their duties towards society and can, discharge such duties as and when required. Education is very important in the overall development of societies, with the numbers, of educated people, improving; there is an improvement in the social behavior and life as well. People become more aware of the society they live in, their rights and responsibilities etc.

Also education helps in economic well being of the societies, as people learn different skills, required for performing jobs, setting up businesses and helping creation of wealth. Thus education is a process where in student tries to modify his character, develops a purpose, acquire skills, and knowledge. Many schools in Ahmedabad are known to impart education that is not only helping student acquire such skills for their employment but also makes them more socially responsible.

CBSE English Medium Schools

CBSE is a national based education system in India and this mode is taught in English, the official language of Asia. There are many schools that follow this board for imparting education to their students, as it commands greater respect among academic and industrial circles. The board has all the subjects which a state board follows, and are taught in English, also has education from primary, secondary to higher levels.

Some of the benefits of CBSE board are:
  • They follow the latest and updated curriculum, it is considered to be the most scientific curriculum in the entire nation. The board follow syllabus on par with global standards.
  • The CBSE board follows a very rational policy for topics to be included in the syllabus, so it does not create un- necessary pressure on student, while imparting the required knowledge and skills.
  • CBSE schools follow a very convenient and easy process to deliver the lectures, teachings and also for conducting exams etc.
  • The board is highly organized and run by professionals who plan things out carefully, example the date sheets of exams are released much before the exams, so the students can prepare well to face the tests.
  • It follows national based competitive standards in India.
There are many CBSE schools all around the nation, they can be found in every state, city, town etc. such is the popularity of these institutes. As such there are many CBSE schools in Ahmedabad that follow CBSE board and teach their curricula in English.

One such institute is Amrut schools in Ahmedabad, reputed as one of the oldest institute imparting quality education, for decades, follows both CBSE and Gujarat state Education board curricula Helping students attain physical, mental and intellectual growth, through a variety of academic initiatives, extracurricular projects etc. with the belief that good thoughts - good words - good deeds are what makes a student complete. CBSE English medium schools help students build a successful academic and a professional career as most of the nationwide competitive exams follow this board’s syllabi for conducting exams.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

AmrutSchool Provide NCC Training in Ahmedabad

Full form of NCC is National Cadet Corps. The NCC aims at increasing spirit, comradeship, regulation, a secular attitude, the spirit of adventure and ideals of selfless service along with young people or students. NCC also provides surroundings helpful to motivating young Indians to join the armed forces. NCC is a voluntary organisation for students of the schools. School students of the age of above 13 years can join as junior cadets and students from class XI and above, can join this organisation as senior cadets.

During training years, cadets get opportunity to attend various types of NCC camps. At the end of two years training, the cadets can appear for the certificate examinations. NCC plays a very leading role in inculcating social ethos in the youth of the country. It undertakes various social service activities like aid to the administration in times of calamities, preservation of environment and ecology, blood donation campaigns, literacy programs and construction and cleanliness drives

AmrutSchool is one of the NCC Training Center in Ahmedabad. School has big play ground for NCC training. Special NCC trainer’s officers give training to school students. School provides best training for his students. Amrut school is best NCC school in Ahmedabad.

NCC School In Ahmedabad

NCC School In Ahmedabad

NCC School In Ahmedabad

NCC School In Ahmedabad

NCC School In Ahmedabad

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Tree Planting Activity in Amrut School In Ahmedabad

Tree planting is a great way to increase student interest in their local environment and achieve academic goals. These School Tree Planting projects connect students to the benefits of trees and foster environmental stewardship. Casey Trees provides the trees and technical assistance for each project.

There are many ways to celebrate World Environment Day, but nothing compares to the feel of mud in your own hands. Amrut School in Ahmedabad celebrate world environment day in school. Amrut School students participated in this social activity. Students, teachers and principal participate in this activity.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

School Sports Day Memories of Amrut School

Every school celebrates its Sports Day and, to this all, the children very longingly look forward to. Amrut School organized a one day Sports day for its students of on the 21st December 2012.

Its objective was to develop in the students a sporting spirit. Games and sports play a pivotal role in one’s life. The School’s Sports flag amidst the singing of the school anthem by the children.

Amrut School is one of the Best School In Ahmedabad. The school has organised slow cycling race, kabaddi, volleyball, relay race etc sports.

Here are our favourite School Sports Day memories:

One by one the events take place in a very well disciplined manner and the winners listed and made to stand on the Victory Stand and cheered by one and all.

Apart from teaching us good values such as, sportsmanship, proper spirit of competition, team-spirit, co-operation, discipline in the field, etc. Annual Sports Day makes school life lively, interesting, enjoyable and memorable.

All round – a very successful day!

Why Amrut school is Best School In Ahmedabad?

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Suggestions And Tips For Board Exams Student

These exams are pretty much important in every students life as they are considered as future deciding exams i..e., In which Field or line students will go in there future is decided by these final exams of board class students.

Examination time is a very stressful time not just for the children but also for the parents who are required to motivate their children to give their best while making sure they are not over-burdening them with unrealistic expectations.

Suggestions And Tips For Board Class Student

  • Just don’t be nervous for this precious time, believe in you and be confident . Every student should be confident and stops thinking about these worthless question It will just reduce your confidence neither it will benefit you in any way.
  • Students must avoid social websites with just few days left in your final exams. Social sites now will you distract you from your reading and study.
  • As a part of you exam preparation planning, set a time-table all by yourself or take the help of your parents or friends who are reliable and try to strictly follow it at least till your exams are over.
  • Developing healthy eating habits is very important for overall health condition of the body and particularly during the exam time. Hence try to avoid eating fast foods, junk foods and consuming carbonated soft drinks as far as possible.
  • Avoid using phone calls or mobiles.
  • Another thing to keep in mind while preparing for the exams is that do not make too much comforts in your room like a small LED TV on the wall, ear buds plugged into your ears to listen to your favourite music in your i pods, smartphones and the like which are sure to distort your mind from studies and you fail to concentrate on studies.
  • Try to take small intermittent breaks of 15-20 minutes after every 1-2 hours of studying. And when you take a break completely forget about your studies and go outdoors for a stroll to enjoy the nature and the fresh breeze of air as this would be of real help to get yourself refreshed and recharged.

Eat healthy, drink healthy, sleep healthy, think healthy and stay healthy - this is the most important mantra for not only a good score in the board exams but also for the overall success in life. Board exams are like any other exams. The best way to achieve success is to be calm, freshen up your mind, and plan a preparation schedule, revise and stop worrying.

Best of Luck all Students for Exams from Amrut school

Monday, 4 February 2013

Amrut Pre-Primary School consists of Nursery, Jr. KG and Sr. KG

In age of 2 years to 6 years, the development of mind is very high. In this early age, their mind is full of imagination and thoughts, so finding the way to nourish their curiosity are vital. Sending child to a good Pre Primary School Nursery School is the best option for you. It is the place, where your child learns how to eat, how to seat, how to speak, how to dance, how to play music and many more things.

Pre-primary education school reveals the creativeness of the kid, thus allowing the kid to develop his character in a natural way. The kid understands to transform with his friends and understands to communicate with strangers. He understands to find a life outside of world. The kid produces a separate character outside of community. Becoming separate is the first level of growth and besides learning to take individually, sleep individually, kid understands to are available individually. It is essential to the growth of the kid that by the age of three, it begins exhibiting symptoms and symptoms of freedom.

Pre-primary institutions are also responsible for teaching social etiquettes to your kids. Some of the team actions include training ways and etiquettes to your kid. The group activities that nursery schools conduct are what build up the complete personality of your child. Teaching hygienic habits to your preschooler is an important step in the growth of your child’s independence. Not only is teaching hygiene to your preschool children an important step in his growth and independence and freedom for you from watching your preschool children all the time, but it is also a foundation for a healthy lifestyle in the future.

Pre primary school is one more step in the development of your kid. For your kid to improve into a wellness, culturally well-adjusted child and individual, it is necessary that you send him to a one of the best Pre-Primary Amrut School consists of Nursery, Jr. KG & Sr. KG.

Amrut school have a team of dedicated teachers and support staff for handling the very young and fresh kids and to nurture them in such a fashion that for them education and school becomes a happy place to be and not a burden.

Amrut school have good infrastructure to provide complete learning and growth to the child minds and also imbibe good morals and manners from beginning. Lots of fun activities are carried out to make kids understand simple concepts and get more observant and sharp towards their surroundings. Primary school learning is very important for every child to effectively attain basic levels of literacy. Amrutschool are also providing good food for the children.

Once your child has attended playschool, it will be ready for regular school as it is no longer afraid to go out in the world without you. It is hard task for you to separate your child from you, but once the child has adjusted to pre-school, it will happily go to school.

Pre-primary education is one more step in the growth of your child. For your child to grow into a healthy, socially well-adjusted child and individual, it is essential that you send him to a good nursery school.

Preschool education should help children attain all the basic qualities to be a good human being and move on to advanced learning in Kindergarten. The preschool educational games are very necessary for kids today. They help in making them learn better, feel relaxed and study with fun.

Amrut Schools help the child to learn while growing. Amrut Schools have a team of dedicated teachers and support staff for handling the very young and fresh kids and to nurture them in such a fashion that for them education and school becomes a happy place to be and not a burden. The campus of the school is well-equipped with modern infrastructural amenities. With more than hundred schools in Ahmedabad, Amrutschool count in Top Ten School in Ahmedabad.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Choosing The Best CBSE Schools In Ahmedabad

CBSE Board of education is one of the biggest and most reputed educational boards in India. It has its head office in Delhi. CBSE syllabus follows the global education standards. Millions of students all over various schools across India are educated under this board. There are primary, secondary and higher levels of education under the board. The students of this board get high quality education in all educational levels.

The syllabus is highly updated, modified and meets international standards. CBSE news includes the latest news on modified syllabus, updated education pattern, board exams, etc. The board exam results of this board are very good, every year. The schools, affiliated under this board, deliver very high quality education to the students, at all education levels.

The medium of education of this board is English, which is the official language of India. Thus, the students of this board get good English education from their very childhood and become experts in this language. Thus, they face no further problems in their future educational and professional lives, where English is used everywhere.

When looking for the best CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad for your child then make sure that the school has a good campus and infrastructure. Amrut School is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education.

Firdaus Amrut Center where the syllabus is affiliated to Central Board and has classes ranging from LKG to 7th standard. For proper attention, the class strength is limited to 20-25 students and special care is given to each student for physical, mental & personality development.

Firdaus Amrut Center Pre-Primary School consists of Nursery, Jr. KG & Sr. KG. Amrut school have a team of dedicated teachers and support staff for handling the very young and fresh kids and to nurture them in such a fashion that for them education and school becomes a happy place to be and not a burden.

School have good infrastructure to provide complete learning and growth to the young minds and also imbibe good morals and manners from beginning. Lots of fun activities are carried out to make kids understand simple concepts and get more observant and sharp towards their surrounding.

Firdaus Amrut Center Primary School starts from 1st standard till 7th standard. The main philosophy of the school is the overall growth of the child and thus proper combination of academics and co-curricular activities are embedded in the curriculum. School goal is to bring out the capabilities of the student into light and then make them grow in an overall fashion.

The infrastructure is also planned in such a way that students have proper access to play ground, library and recreational amenities. Regular field trips and real time exposure is also provided to students as and when required. The maximum intake of students in class is restricted to 25 students enabling a dedicated personal interaction between teachers and students.

Firdaus Amrut Center High School starts from 8th standard till 10th Standard and is affiliated with Central Board for 10th Standard Board exams. The maximum intake of students in class is restricted to 25 students enabling a dedicated personal interaction between teachers and students.

Firdaus Amrut Center the Best CBSE Schools In Ahmedabad have the best teachers also who play an important role in shaping the child,s personality. Firdaus Amrut Center help the child to learn while growing. School believe that before children learn to read or write, they must effectively be trained to communicate intelligently and with confidence. They must nurture a rational mind capable of comprehending the world and its happenings.

Thursday, 10 January 2013


Amrut Schools help the child to learn while growing. We believe that before children learn to read or write, they must effectively be trained to communicate intelligently and with confidence. They must nurture a rational mind capable of comprehending the world and its happenings.

Amrut School was incepted 45 years ago and since then, it is associated with excellence in quality of education and overall mentoring of its students. It started off as a small school, catering to the needs of population living nearby and with the aim of providing overall development and to make them true citizens of the country.

Mr. Kartik J. Patel is CEO of the Firdaus Memorial Charity & Education Trust (Functioning AMRUT SCHOOL & AMRUT CENTRE Std. Nursery to XII Science & Commerce)

Mr. Kartik Patel is the leading educationalist, industrialist/Business Tycoon and entrepreneur who combine his deep interest in education along with business acumen of the highest order.

As a CEO he took all necessary steps to make AMRUT SCHOOL & AMRUT CENTRE as one of the best Educational Institution in Ahmedabad as well as Gujarat State, in terms of faculty/staff, infrastructure, facilities & Events organization. He has a keen interest in promoting value-based education at all levels in the Amrut School & Amrut Centre and higher institutions, based on composite Indian culture and ethos for a responsive and responsible citizenship, through his foundation, provided many under-privileged students with the opportunity to study in top universities in India and around the world.

On the personal front, Kartik Patel is deeply spiritual man committed to his family. He believes in delegation and empowerment as core values for management. Visionary leader that he is, Kartik Patel is always scouting for his next big opportunity. His ambition is to make his Group a world leader in Education, Real-Estate, Multimedia, Investment, Exports and Healthcare business that is known for its service quality and commitment to customers and employees.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Online Education

The number of people looking to make an online schooling is increasing every year. The world of education is changing, big time. Information technology has revolutionized how we find and share information.

Is that online schools are good for certain students, but that online schools are right for everyone. the online school is great for students who are socially awkward or have a hard time in brick and mortar schools.

After the success of computer technology and Internet technology the emergence of online school has brought lot of benefits to many parents and children. Because there are plenty of online learning games for kids that provide excellent knowledge and understanding about math, science and language proficiency.

online highschool diploma and online highschool courses are excellent sources for kids to learn and excel. Especially in the recent times online highschool has grown its importance by a high level as many parents are helping their children to pursue with the online high school.

If you are planning to move to a new place wherein the language is totally different from the one which you know then you can register with an online school in order to at least learn certain basic concepts of the new language as there are plenty of such schools offering courses on languages.

Have you see a FALTU movie?? In the movie The gang suddenly realises that they could actually do something with their lives and decides to follow their passions which turn out to be web designing, choreography, DJing and such other stuff. They make digital classes with Google's help and it all works out in the end. Its also a one type of Online school or collage education.

IDEA highlights the power of Mobile telephony to address the socially relevant theme of education.The thought-provoking ad campaign has Abhishek Bachchan playing the head of an educational institution. When challenged by the traditional, physically bound classroom methodology that prevents reaching out to many more who are in need of education, he uses mobile telephony to overcome the barrier. This is also a on type of online schooling education.

School education is becoming very important and there is lot of interest in many part of the world to promote best level of school education. There are numerous online institutions and education courses readily available on the internet.

People only want what is best, especially when it comes to education. If one chooses an online education there are a lot of online universities now that offer the best education and with a wide range of choices in terms of courses, schedules and programs.