Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Amrut School - For Better Tomorrow

Amrut school in Ahmedabad follows and implement brutly recognised curriculum such as CBSE exam or Board Exam. They were basically founded for the children of diplomats who are geographically mobile, due to postings in different countries, in order to provide them the same curriculum anywhere in the world. However, today it is not considered as a forte of these children, as parents from different occupational background prefer it for their children.

The reason for growing popularity of Amrut Schools in Ahmedabad is the global curriculum that is taught, giving a special emphasis on skills and knowledge; rather than testing their speed and memory. The purpose of the curriculum is to make a child versatile rather than a bookworm, who is competent enough to face the challenges of the real world. Moreover, they have been able to keep the Indian ethos alive. They follow simple ideology every child is special and should be given enough space to grow and develop their cognitive abilities, which would help them to leave their mark on the global arena.

Amrut schools in Ahmedabad have been a breakthrough change that India educational sector has ever seen. It prepares the students for future challenges, with its unorthodox curriculum and well qualified teachers.

About AmrutSchool.edu.in
Amrut CBSE School in Ahmedabad - is one of the best School in Ahmedabad and providing students the best education combining standard methodologies with a blend of localized essence.

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