Thursday, 14 March 2013

School Sports Day Memories of Amrut School

Every school celebrates its Sports Day and, to this all, the children very longingly look forward to. Amrut School organized a one day Sports day for its students of on the 21st December 2012.

Its objective was to develop in the students a sporting spirit. Games and sports play a pivotal role in one’s life. The School’s Sports flag amidst the singing of the school anthem by the children.

Amrut School is one of the Best School In Ahmedabad. The school has organised slow cycling race, kabaddi, volleyball, relay race etc sports.

Here are our favourite School Sports Day memories:

One by one the events take place in a very well disciplined manner and the winners listed and made to stand on the Victory Stand and cheered by one and all.

Apart from teaching us good values such as, sportsmanship, proper spirit of competition, team-spirit, co-operation, discipline in the field, etc. Annual Sports Day makes school life lively, interesting, enjoyable and memorable.

All round – a very successful day!

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