Wednesday, 16 October 2013

CBSE English Medium School Preparing Students For Life Challenges

Schools play an important role, as the city continues to grow at a rapid pace. Being the temples of learning and education they play a very important role in the shaping of any modern society, especially the ones that are growing and are developing, fast growing city like Ahmedabad.

Importance of schools and educational institutes:

Modern and growing cities need responsible citizens, who are well educated aware of their duties towards society and can, discharge such duties as and when required. Education is very important in the overall development of societies, with the numbers, of educated people, improving; there is an improvement in the social behavior and life as well. People become more aware of the society they live in, their rights and responsibilities etc.

Also education helps in economic well being of the societies, as people learn different skills, required for performing jobs, setting up businesses and helping creation of wealth. Thus education is a process where in student tries to modify his character, develops a purpose, acquire skills, and knowledge. Many schools in Ahmedabad are known to impart education that is not only helping student acquire such skills for their employment but also makes them more socially responsible.

CBSE English Medium Schools

CBSE is a national based education system in India and this mode is taught in English, the official language of Asia. There are many schools that follow this board for imparting education to their students, as it commands greater respect among academic and industrial circles. The board has all the subjects which a state board follows, and are taught in English, also has education from primary, secondary to higher levels.

Some of the benefits of CBSE board are:
  • They follow the latest and updated curriculum, it is considered to be the most scientific curriculum in the entire nation. The board follow syllabus on par with global standards.
  • The CBSE board follows a very rational policy for topics to be included in the syllabus, so it does not create un- necessary pressure on student, while imparting the required knowledge and skills.
  • CBSE schools follow a very convenient and easy process to deliver the lectures, teachings and also for conducting exams etc.
  • The board is highly organized and run by professionals who plan things out carefully, example the date sheets of exams are released much before the exams, so the students can prepare well to face the tests.
  • It follows national based competitive standards in India.
There are many CBSE schools all around the nation, they can be found in every state, city, town etc. such is the popularity of these institutes. As such there are many CBSE schools in Ahmedabad that follow CBSE board and teach their curricula in English.

One such institute is Amrut schools in Ahmedabad, reputed as one of the oldest institute imparting quality education, for decades, follows both CBSE and Gujarat state Education board curricula Helping students attain physical, mental and intellectual growth, through a variety of academic initiatives, extracurricular projects etc. with the belief that good thoughts - good words - good deeds are what makes a student complete. CBSE English medium schools help students build a successful academic and a professional career as most of the nationwide competitive exams follow this board’s syllabi for conducting exams.

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