Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Amrut Is Best Quality Education Imparting School In Ahmedabad

Schools are temples of learning, rightly said. They not only help you learn, and acquire skills for survival but also make you socially responsible citizens. Schools today accept a greater responsibility than just being centers of education. They take complete responsibility of shaping up your individuality and personality, so that you can live with confidence, clarity, and strength. One such best school in Ahmedabad, Amrut Schools, is an institute started in the year 1965 with the aim of providing quality education and making learning a fun filled activity. It has been successful in doing so, and still continues to march ahead with its strong values and mission.

Today Amrut School is rated among the top ten schools of Ahmedabad. Rightly they deserve the place, their belief of making students and children world ready in this dynamic, every changing world has led them to making their campus fully multimedia based, and is the second largest such school in the entire country. Picture speaks thousand words, children would be able to better retain the lessons taught in an interesting pictorial and video form lessons. The school visualizing the need for such method of teaching has joined hands with Educomp solutions limited, to acquire the necessary technical infrastructure to enable fun learning for students.

Factors that make Amrut School The Best school in Ahmedabad:

Healthy environment breeds healthy body and mind which is essential pre requisites for the overall development, hence Amrut school management strives to provide the right kind of environment for all round development of students.
  • Infrastructure: The school is located in a sprawling, spacious campus, with robust and brightly lit buildings.
  • Smart Classes: In association with Educomp, the school has made every effort to turn the classes into E-learning centers, for better retention of the classes by students.
  • Well stacked Libraries: The school has 3 libraries with books needed for students of all classes, media, and syllabus of different boards. The library also has books and reading material needed for personality development, current affairs etc.
  • Practical lab: The various laboratories required to conduct experiments and practice real life situations are also provided for. The school has a computer laboratory with all the latest computers, also has all other science related laboratory.
  • Sports & Arts: The school gives utmost importance to Sports, arts and culture and has also made a provision for playgrounds for cricket, football, basketball, an Amphitheater, so students can exhibit their talents n arts, dance etc, this would help the students develop additional skills. The school has qualified and experienced staff to help students find their latent skills and explore them.
Apart from the physical infrastructure this best school in Ahmedabad, is highly valued for its faculty, for its mission, for its values. The school also has a strong alumni association. The school in pursuit of excellence takes inspiration from the teachings of many wise leaders of this country, Amrut school, thus believes in the words of Swami Vivekananda – “Education is not the amount of information that is put into your brain and runs riot there, undigested, all your life” - they take every step to make the digestion of imparted education easy by making it a fun filled activity.

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