Thursday, 28 August 2014

Amrutschool Provide Best Infrastructure Facility and education for Student

Amrut School In Ahmedabad
Amrut School is well known school in Ahmedabad. Amrut School is located in Shahibaug, Ahmedabad. Amrut School provides the best education to their students. It follows the State Board and Central Board syllabus. Amrut School has very well developed building and well setup infrastructure. School playground is very huge, so the student can be playing volleyball, basketball as well as cricket.
Amrut School In Ahmedabad
Amrut School believe to develop every child mentally as well as physically. They are encouraged to students for extra co curricular activities. The school believes that the healthy growth of the students with a positive approach, positive attitude and intellectually sound minds is more important than the normative approach towards life. Amrut School develops extracurricular activities such as social services, cultural activities, professional training, physical training, etc for the student. The curriculum activities at the school also include music, dance, arts and sports. Participation in curricular activities gives the students mental rest and also helps them to stay physically fit and healthy.
Amrut English Medium School
Amrut English Medium School
Amrut English Medium School
Amrut School believes in providing the best and there is never a compromise when it comes to the quality of education and infrastructure. The infrastructure is also planned in such a way that students have proper
access to the playground, library and recreational amenities.
Amrut Smart class
Amrut school playground
Amrut English Medium School believes in value-based teaching. The teaching is contemporary and has strong roots in our culture and tradition. The school provides a positive ambiance which promotes the social, intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth of the children. The school stands for "Inspiration, Academics, Spirit and Knowledge", the four basic pillars of learning. The school was established with a vision of providing quality education to its student.

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  1. How old are your kids? And do they go to the home run place for full day or half? I am still not sure what place I would choose if I had to start working and send her for the whole day. But I am happy with my choice for the half day place I found for her. Top CBSE Schools in Hyderabad